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Holy Monday: Jesus and the Second Provocative Public Protest

moneychangersScarsellinoMy Palm Sunday blog featured the work of Marcus Borg and John Dominic Crossan in their book The Last Week. They gave us the insight of two processions coming into Jerusalem that day: Jesus’ procession proclaiming the Kingdom of God and peace and the procession of Pontius Pilate emblematic of  Roman might, and power and occupation achieved by violence. Jesus’ ride down the Mount of Olives into Jerusalem was a deliberate, provocative, political demonstration against the ruling powers. His protest was against an oppressive, unjust domination system that was legitimized by the religious establishment in collaboration with the occupying Roman army. Borg and Crossan ask the profound questions: “The same question, the same alternative, faces those who would be faithful to Jesus today. Which procession are we in? Which procession to we want to be in?”

On Monday of Holy Week, Jesus enters the Temple in Jerusalem and performs another provocative act, often called the Purification of the Temple. In Mark 11:12-19 the story of Jesus “cleansing the Temple” is told. And in this passage Jesus quotes Jeremiah, saying that what was supposed to be a house of prayer has become “a den of robbers.”

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