The Kingdom of God

On March 19, 2014 Michael Spath, Executive Director of the Indiana Center for Middle East Peace (ICMEP) and I had the pleasure of picking up Brian McLaren, noted author, speaker, activist, former pastor, and follower of Jesus from the Columbus, Ohio airport to bring him to Ft.Wayne, Indiana to speak on behalf of ICMEP. Brian is one of my heroes: I have read most of his books. By following his blog, I have been introduced to so many new writers, musicians,  and concepts. (For example, I was introduced to the wonderful music and writing of Carrie Newcomer in the summer of 2011 on Brian’s blog. My wife arranged for Carrie to do a concert for my 60th birthday. We have now become friends. We helped sponsor Carrie and her husband, Robert Meitus for a trip to Israel/Palestine with Michael Spath in 2013. While there they performed at several venues including the Aida Refugee camp. They recently performed a benefit concert for ICMEP in Ft.Wayne.  And it all started because Brian’s blog). Brian’s writings have deepened my understanding of and appreciation for the bible, but especially, Jesus. As many others have testified, Brian and others have helped reveal a compassionate, loving, non-violent God and Jesus to me and a Christianity that makes sense, a Christianity that one can be a part of without checking one’s brain at the door. Brian spoke at a clergy/lay leader breakfast that we organized, mostly about theological matters  and then took questions. The penal substitutionary atonement theory was brought up quite promptly, as Brian said, “well before noon.” Later that night he spoke for the public program about Israel/ Palestine (you can check out his blog postings from January 2010 on his trip to Israel/Palestine here.) He spoke of violence of God passages that are present in all sacred writings. He stated, by the way, that there are far more violent passages in the Bible than in the Koran.

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Kairos time: a new blog

Janie ,Ron Shepherds' FieldWelcome to my new blog. I would like to thank my son, Dan, for encouraging me to blog. It is a blessing to have  sons who apparently think I have something worthwhile to say. Thank you, Dan, for taking the time to set up this blog and teach me how to  navigate it.

This is an important time in history. This blog post will be about Kairos or God’s special time.

As the author Frederick Buechner wrote in The Hungering Dark:

“The Greek word chronos means “time” in a quantitative sense, chronological time, time that you can divide into minutes and years, time as duration. It is the sense that we mean when we say, “What time is it?” or “How much time do I have?” or “Time like an ever-flowing stream,” in one of the hymns that we sing. But in Greek there is also the word kairos, which means “time” in a qualitative sense — not the kind that a clock measures but time that cannot be measured at all, time that is characterized by what happens in it. Kairos time is the kind that you mean when you say that “the time is ripe” to do something, “It’s time to tell the truth,” a truth-telling kind of time…..The ancient poet who wrote the Book of Ecclesiastes was using time in a kairos sense when he wrote of a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to keep silence and a time to speak.

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